All four of the evers…

I watch too many cartoons. Maybe that’s why its taken me 18 months to write my latest novel. Or maybe it’s the hours spent on social media, lurking, rather than actually being social. Maybe, just maybe, it’s my complete and total inability to focus on any one thing at a time.

There was a time in my writing career where I couldn’t not write (double negative, I know). I still have the stories inside me, I still hear my characters talking to me, but it takes more to get my fingers on the keyboard. The ideas don’t pour from my fingers quite like they used to, instead I pull them out, one by one, strand by strand.

Maybe it was the lagging sales, or the publisher who neglected to pay me for four years and the ensuing struggle to get my titles back. Maybe the repeated no’s finally got to me. Maybe it’s that there are dishes to be washed, laundry to be folded, a company to run, kids to raise, a giant doggo to feed and walk…

And maybe it’s that I lost my focus and need to take responsibility for that, rather than blaming my distractions. I need to relearn how to put me first.  I am a married, mother-of-three who runs a construction company – but that’s not all I am. That’s what this new blog is for me. It’s the place to focus my social media, avoid my dirty dishes and remember how good it feels to get those voices out of my head and onto paper.

I’ll share some tips and tricks I learned during my first trip ’round on the carousel of publishing, probably a few ‘what not to do’s and hopefully, we can learn a few new things together. Thanks for reading.


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