Welcome to the Brew Review

The title says it all. Welcome to the Brew Review. I’m a seasoned craft beer drinker. Not your average paper gangster as I’m lacking in the typical anatomy. I try to cellar beer, but I’m still learning about what ages well and what doesn’t. There’s always more beer in my house than I could drink in a month of heavy drinking. I’m loving the rise in women in craft beer.

So, for my inaugural review, I want to tell you all about an amazing little beer called Stone Farking Wheaton: w00tstout 2017 by Stone Brewing.

ibu: 65

abv: 13%

You guys. This. Is. So. Good.

Our neighbors had a little get together last weekend and hubs brought my w00tstout for me, knowing how much I’ve been looking forward to it. I’ll say it again, it’s amazing. Crazy smooth, fantastic mouth feel. The barrel aging seems to have tempered that ‘sticky sweet’ you sometimes find in stouts. Or maybe it’s just that over the course of the last seven years, they have nailed this beer. I have no idea. I just know it’s good. The single hiccup with it was the 13% abv. Not necessarily an issue, but if you’re the only one drinking a bomber, that’s a lot of beer with a lot of abv. If you can find it on tap, all the better.

On Untappd, I gave it 4.75. Feel free to follow me over there if you’re looking for more beer reviews.

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