Happy NaNo Day!

And, we’re off! It’s day one of NaNo and I, for one, am still feeling optimistic about the next thirty days. I mean, I did already realize that I forgot about two days I probably won’t be able to write, but that’s why I gave myself an extra, right? So it’s only the one day I have to worry about…

This is why I start out NaNo every year with a sense of my impending doom. There is always the unexpected. I know, I know, ‘expect the unexpected’. But if it’s unexpected, how do I expect it? And I’m wandering.

Okay, it’s day one. We’re optimistic. Have you started officially yet? I always like to stay up until midnight on the 31st and get my first official handful of words. Then I update my word count so I look like a boss and then I go to bed. Because I’m old. And because I’m old, I fell asleep on the couch last night, without writing a word.

I also try to go over word count on the first day, too. I love to see that bar tip over the top of the ‘on par’ graph line – and then I try to keep it there as long as possible.

My novel this year is book two in a series and I’m hoping that the added familiarity of the characters and the universe will make this NaNo a little smoother than others have been. Maybe that’s the trick. There has to be a trick, right?



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