Ten Terrible Titles

Ten Terrible Titles: Randomly pull 10 phrases from your #NaNo novel.

1. Who Got Murdered and Who Done the Murdering.
2. A Gaggle of Small Boys and Girls
3. A Time of Thankfulness and Worry
4. A Neutral Land of Wrong, the Most Fucked Up Noob Switzerland
5. His Hair Was Thicker Then.
6. Another Load of Books
7. Preserving History and Letters
8. Luscious, Succulent Treats
9. Mud-Spackled
10. Punished By the Very Gods I Disavow


Guess I went a little grim-dark this year.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sarah Bella says:

    1. A One-Fingered Text
    2. The Only Ones Who Owe
    3. Talked to Death
    4. Three and a Half Years
    5. Fearing Rejection
    6. Comic Book Heroes
    7. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
    8. Freelance Copywriters
    9. Close Enough to Done
    10. Still Awkward


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