A new year, a new me

Generally speaking, I’m not one for resolutions. I feel like they’re a great way to point out all of our flaws, and talk about all the ways we could be better – and I don’t know about you, but I have enough negative self talk on a normal day. No reason to go out of my way to look for more things I do wrong.

All that aside, I’m huge on goal setting. Every year – for New Year’s, because I live for cliches – I set myself ten goals relating to my writing career. They are allowed to be anything, but they need to be trackable and they need to be realistically attainable. Setting my number seven as ‘Win a Grammy’ isn’t productive. Best case scenario is it’s a wasted goal.

So, this year my ten is as follows:

  1. Blog regularly. Get my every-other-weekly posts up every time, on time.
  2. Use my social media. As an introvert, sometimes even social media gets overwhelming – especially in our current political climate. I forget that I have to ability to cultivate a haven for myself – a bastion of like-mindedness.
  3. Not including NaNoWriMo, write 100,000 fresh words this year. This should mean finishing Malarkey and writing most, if not all of Tom Foolery. That would leave me with one book in the series. What publisher wouldn’t prefer a 75% complete series?
  4. Edit Malarkey.
  5. Submit to 5 short story contests or anthology submissions.
  6. Pitch Shenanigans at RT18.
  7. Get my act together and finalize plans for our super awesome game for RT17! Stay tuned for further information.
  8. Start outlining my NA Fantasy rewrite.
  9. Dedicate more time to pimping fellow authors. I’m not sure exactly what this one means yet. Goodreads? Amazon reviews? Twitter time? I’d like to find a dedicated way for sharing my faves.
  10. Update my lifetime goals (more about them later)

What does your 2018 look like?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Victorien says:

    Those are some great goals! Best of luck with achieving them.


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