Writing in emojis…

Is that the official plural of emoji? I’m not sure and it’s not an easy thing to Google.

I also find myself trying to use ‘lol’ and the like, rather than writing out the lol. I can’t tell if it’s that I give myself permission to be lazy with my November writing, or if it’s that the sheer panic of the month that makes me stupid and then it lingers into the new year.

And then lingers later into the year.

It’s one habit of many I seem to form in November that it takes months to shake – I ‘tell’ what I’m about to ‘show’, and then I tell. I’m not sure if it’s just my brain’s way of getting the scene on paper before I lose it, or if it’s the sheer mania of NaNo that short-circuts my thought process.

I abbreviate long ‘things’ that are used frequently. In my current series – The Cirillo Brothers – it’s a band name: Paper Scissor Tiger Lizards. I shorten it to P S T L. It’s faster to type, and in my NaNo brain, those precious seconds are worth it. You’ll notice, though, that I put spaces between the letters. That’s because in my NaNo panic, I still want credit for four words.

Right? Right!

November also means ‘to hell with formatting and grammar’. I write by the seat of my pants, in whatever seconds and minutes I can scrape out of each day. I don’t have time for commas, woman! Or spell check. Or the ‘delete’ button.

Okay, so tell me: What are your worst writing habits?


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