Goals: Writing and Then Some

We talked in December about goals. I’ve already failed at blogging regularly, but the beauty of a well set goal is that you’re allowed to try again. I can just… start now. Start again.

We’re working on plans for an amazing RT18. Wanna play our game from home? Watch our blog for an announcement in April.

I’m polishing Shenanigans. I’ve gotten notes back from the second round of beta reading and I’m about to send it out for a third and (hopefully) final round. I have an elevator pitch written and ready to go. I even have my #PitMad pitch ready to go. I have a book synopsis in editing mode and a mostly written series synopsis.

I spent the bulk of December and January cleaning up the NaNo-ness of Malarkey. It’s finally ready for fresh writing. I’ll be adding a word count tracker in the footer of the blog in the next few weeks. You guys can follow along with me.

All of that is well and good, but there are goals outside of writing too. Goals that wrap around the physicality of writing and support the business end of it – because in the end, this is a business and if we forget to treat it as one, we’ll never find our true bliss as a writer.

If you take a peek at the site, you’ll see that Laurel added a ‘Flea Market’ section to the site and a ‘Little Free Library’ to the site as well. Both are things we are so excited to launch – we can’t wait to share them with you.

Also coming soon is our Writer’s Corner: a resource for all writers, regardless of what stage they’re at in their career. It’s chock full of links to writing contests, guidelines for submissions for various publishers, calls for submissions, agent blogs, editor blogs, who to follow on Twitter (aside from Laurel and myself, obviously) and so much more good stuff.


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