Sometimes Life Mocks Art

So, in my last post, I talked about the little tasks I do to clear the path for my writing session. Because life sometimes gets fed up with all the imitating Art does, occasionally stuff swings in the other direction, and life takes to mocking art. This post is a chronicle of all the rocks that fell into my nicely cleared paths during the two weeks since that article, and how I tripped over some (most, ahem) of those rocks.
Just recap, for those who didn’t spend the last two weeks reading and re-reading my last post in splendid anticipation of this one. I like writing in the mornings. Mornings can be chaotic so I do set-up work the evening prior to clear out as much time as possible for my pre-day job writing sessions.
So positive, so sweetly optimistic. So primed for collapse. The next morning, the very next morning, as I settled in at the coffee shop, laptop barely open, cold press barely sipped. 80 words total written. And I get a call from one of my employees. Locked his keys in the company vehicle, and his vehicle was blocking other vendors.
I was the closest to his location. So, off I go. Across the metro. During rush hour. An hour and change for the roundtrip, and I needed to go into the office to clear up the damage to routes from Mr. Locked Out’s self-created delay. No more writing time that morning.
The morning following that, SNOWSTORM. Yay. Always means an early start, and a troublesome work day. No writing. Until after work. 200 or so words. Bleeh.
Then came the weekend. Usually, I can work in one early a.m. writing fest. Hubby likes to stay up late, gaming. He sleeps in, I type. At 1pm, we go to brunch. Usually. More snowstorm! More bad roads! All weekend. Some writing at home, but hitting neither weekend-level word count, nor the quality that comes from a good old uninterrupted four-hour session at the keyboard.
Monday. Some writing. Truncated by needing to go into work early due to 3 days of snowstorms. The rest of work week can be summed with: etc.
So lots of obstacles. Very little success. Too much sulking and grumbling. I kept my end of the bargain: the path clearing and prep work. Each night as I finished up tasks, I’d think, man it’s going to feel good to write tomorrow morning. And then, the next morning, Life would find a new way to be overly needy .
And I would find a new way not to overcome those obstacles. I know “overcoming” is more about process than results, and sometimes it’s even a case of “it is what it is”, and just having to wait out the chaos. Unfortunately, that sort of mindset flies out the window when I’m having a good sulk.
I’m in rebuild mode, now. Trying use these recent failures, both real and perceived, as learning moments.  Gotta love hindsight and slightly—so very slightly—more positive thinking about dealing with extra chaotic mornings. My first impulse was to write “how to prep for extra chaotic mornings.” But, I think the solution for these outlier mornings is less about prepping and more about rolling with the chaos. We’ll see.

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