Up and At ‘Em

I’m a night owl. Most of my accomplishing is done in the wee hours of the night. That stretch of time after the kids have gone to bed and before I succumb to sheer exhaustion. It’s when I do the dishes and rotate the laundry and feed the cat and take dog food out of the freezer and work on the blog and get my daily  weekly  as often as I can words.

In the mornings I get up at 6, let the dog potty, wake my girls up, feed the dog, wake the girls up again, let the dog potty again, put the dog back to bed with my hubs, wake the girls up again, yell at the girls that the bus will be there in two minutes, finally rush the girls out the door and then wake up the boy child so he can watch some cartoons before school. Then I go back to bed until 7:45.


Because I was up until 1 or 2 the night before – accomplishing shit.

And every time I got back to bed I feel awful, knowing how much time I’m wasting but I. Am. Too. Tired. To. Stay. Up.

So the cycle continues. I’m up all night, squeezing in all the ‘must-dos’ and the ‘want-to-dos’ and occasionally the ‘really-want-to-dos’. And every morning, I go back to sleep.

But I think that’s what the life of ‘creative but have a day job that isn’t creative and also have responsibilities that I don’t wanna do but have to’ people is about.

It’s about eeking out the minutes in every day, or week or as often as we can. It’s about using voice-to-text to send myself emails that I can copy/paste into Word before I edit them into something resembling fiction. It’s about cramming everything I can into this short little life I’ve been given.

Even if it means washing dishes at midnight.

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