How to: Con Tips for Introverts

Playing off Laurel’s post from last week, I want to talk about cons. Specifically, ‘How to Con for Introverts’. As the precious, precious unicorns of writing (snortlaugh) we have certain requirements for socializing.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This applies to introvert AND extroverts. This is maybe the most important tip on the list – you won’t have a good time if you feel like crap. And like Laurel said, don’t wait until your pee looks like Gatorade. It’ll be too late.
  2. Push your boundaries, but also, know when to say ‘no’. Try something new while you’re gone – even if that something new is just getting a turkey sandwich instead of ham. Small things make a big difference. If that something new makes you so uncomfortable that you’ll be unable to enjoy it, that’s a good time to pass.
  3. Take things home to look at them later. Don’t let the glut of ‘stuff’ overwhelm you. If you’re interested in something, toss it straight into your suitcase. When you’re home and decompressed, take out the pile of ‘interestings’ and give it all a second look.
  4. Reapply your deodorant halfway through the day. For real. It’s like a mental reset for me to ‘freshen up’. You won’t stress about being stinky later in the day. You (and everyone else) will be glad you did.
  5. As an introvert, you need your armor. Figure out what it is that makes you feel invincible. For me, it’s bangin’ hair and war paint (make up). If I have both of those things, I can go to battle and know I’ll win. If you’re the kind of person to bring mascara to a con, don’t leave your room without putting it on. If makeup isn’t your thing, figure out what is.

How about you, reader? What is your number one con tip?


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