NaNo 2018

Is anyone else already thinking about NaNo? A little? I feel like even though NaNo is technically thirty days, it creeps into my thoughts for roughly six months of the year.

There are three or so months of ‘planning’ – tossing around random ideas that would work for a NaNo novel. The months of, “Haha, you know what would make a hilarious/sexy/gorgeous/amazing/perfect NaNo novel?” Followed quickly by the realization that not every hilarious/sexy/gorgeous/amazing/perfect idea is novel worthy. And then on to the next hilarious/sexy/gorgeous/amazing/perfect idea. Whereupon, eventually, finally, The Idea strikes. You plot, just the right amount so you don’t stifle your NaNo creativity.

Then there is NaNo itself. Thirty days of pure panic (for me, at least), of counting and tracking and reminding myself that hyphens are a December problem.  It’s thirty days of obscenely long band names and spelling so atrocious that Google thinks I’m using the Cyrillic alphabet. It’s thirty days of bliss if I can remind myself to let go and that it’s all part of the process.

Finally, there are the days and weeks of recovery. Some of it spent editing the current NaNo WIP – because, let’s be real: no one finishes their novel in thirty days. (okay, I know, some people do, but not most of us). After my brain can no longer comprehend anything relating to the current WIP, it morphs into an attempt at normalcy. Relearning how hyphens, spelling and capitalization work.

Somehow, I make it through the other six months of the year NaNo free.


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