Day 7 and I Promised an Update

Pt 2. Day 7. I’m 21,000 words in. Experiencing casualty in my plotting, character motivation, and subplots. Going balls out on the thematic understory. Yeah, I’m plowing straight and harvesting Big NaNo this year.
The not-outline, scene list works for me. Guideposts without any quality expectations. No transition or what’s next slow-downs. Yeah, I’m going to wind up with a janky, disjointed draft. But, that’s how my drafts show up anyway. So hey, same result, way less fret and stress and writerly self-doubt.
One snag. Just because relentlessly positive is so not my brand. The writing is going well, and beyond expectations, and gaining its own momentum, and so, some of the scenes in my lists aren’t going happen. Plot don’t need ‘em; I ain’t gonna write ‘em. So far, the other ideas have panned out well enough that word count isn’t suffering for ixnaying some scenes, and I purposely left my two go-to scene types: sex and pining afterwards off the original list, knowing I’d figure them into the plot, and probably into the mix of at least one of the non-sex/pining scenes anyway.
Next year, I think I’ll create some back up scenes. Supposedly ideas get better the deeper you dig for them, anyway. For this year, I’m typing and writing and forging ahead and hoping my usual pants-ing creative style holds this all together if I out-story my scene list.

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