Back in the Black Friday

Okay, not an entirely truthful title—I’ve been ahead of par for NaNo all month—but one that a) describes to a T my usual NaNo route, and b) too pleasing to me not to use.

Yes, ahead of par all month. First time in seven years of NaNo-ing. I super emoji-heart my not-outline method I used this year. Quickie reminder on what I’m gabbing about. Instead of outlining, which doesn’t work for me, I listed 30 scenes, planning on giving myself something to write about each day and freedom from pesky issues like transitions or chronology. Those are December issues, right.

Had to write through a bout of It’s Week Two and I Hate This Ugly Story. Having a scene list helped there. Anytime my editor brain found a plot hole or flaw, I just wrote either a fix-it into the next scene, or as they say in Hollywood, put a spotlight on it. Yes, this doesn’t make sense! What a mystery!

Also used Mary Robinette Kowel’s “craft your way through downhearted times”. Basically, rely on my skills as a writer to “write anyway” when I had a case of the don’t wannas, or the boy oh boy, I am so not writer of any sort of caliber fret festivals.
I am feeling just as creatively depleted as I usually do at the tail end of November. I’m out of interesting words, out of inspiration, and running really low on moxie. Writing is a grind. A job without the pay and dental benefits. I’m writing each day, right now, because I’m a writer, and writers write.

Which is okay. For now. It’s my rhythm. November and December are creative low points for me. Don’t know if it’s the lack of sunlight or the bustle of the holidays or NaNo hangover or less creative interactions with the artists in my life because they’re also dealing with the above.

At least I had a smooth NaNo this year. Knock on wood. And could. And should. And all the modal verbs. Which puts me a good spot for January’s creative renaissance.

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