NaNo is for plot, the rest of the year is for craft

Okay. Not Really. But coming off the big push of NaNo and cold-plunging straight into December’s busyness, sometimes time + brain power to write gets in short supply. It takes some re-adjusting to go back to the daily grind, and to feel productive in that realm.

For the next few weeks, writing is going to be a tiny dream chased in spare minutes, rather than This Big Event. It’s just me and the page, now. The page is getting filled at 250 words per 5 a.m. pre-dayjob writing session, instead of 5k sprints at raucous meet-ups. Quieter, better writing. Exactly the kind of writing I want to be doing.

But not a lot of word count. And that’s where I’m struggling. There’s an easy high to be had in NaNo’s motor through and pretty it up later word-piling. There’s the stats tracker, and a word count bar, and all you gotta do is stay 100 words above your NaNo nemesis (you have one, admit it), and there’s a feeling of momentum that the usual writing sessions just don’t provide.

Since the end of NaNo, I’ve written most days. I’ve closed my laptop at the end of each writing appointment, and felt good about the work done, but not RAWR. I’m sure my rawr will return; January looms, and with that sub-zero month comes New Years Resolutions. After a month of that, I’ll be back in the groove, happy with 500-word sessions and a hot cup of coffee.

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