Hooey – Lupulin Brewing

Stopped in at my local to try to find a bottle of Southern Tier’s Creme Brulee, because yum. Of course they were out, because this just isn’t my season for finding the beer I want.

So, since they didn’t have my beer, I obviously left empty handed, right? Wrong.

Reader, I spent $198. I went for one bottle of beer and I spent $198. I did get a bottle of Bailey’s, but that’s not what this post is about.

Among my treasures and must haves, was a four-pack of the latest batch of Hooey, from Lupulin Brewing. It is amazing. Best batch to date. They didn’t last the weekend and now I’m moving on to the Blissful Ignorance waiting in my beer fridge.

While I was there I also snagged a Primo Fudgerino and a Saskatooner Sour from Junkyard. First, the Primo – it was good. Smooth and bitey in the right places. Just chocolatey enough without being overpowering. The roasting of the cocoa nibs gives it an almost coffee like finish. The Saskatooner Sour I wasn’t sure about, since I don’t generally like sours. This was far and away the best sour I’ve had. Enough sweet to balance the pucker. Delish.

I’ll update again soon – eventually I have to find my Creme Brulee, right?


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