Hope, Dreams and the Start of Things

Seeing lots of posts dunking on New Year’s Resolutions, and as much as I love snarking on stuff, this time I am saying, “No!”

The last thing we need after a year like 2018 is more being shat upon. No more dreams crushed, no more voices squelched, no more ideas snuffed. Creative work has enough enemies.

If mainstream vagaries provide an excuse to play around with hope and dreams, to express them and dare to put them down on paper, seize that excuse. Consider it a collective moment of ‘we can be better’.

As creatives we have to self-motivate nearly every dang day. Enjoy the freebie, and let others experience the joys and frustrations of finding motivation every morning. As with success, as with good stories and awesome movies, it’s not a pie. Someone else’s super motivation or lack thereof isn’t a measure of yours.

You do you. And if you’ve got motivation and goal-attending down solid, good for you. Go about your business. If you’ve chose now as your starting time for chasing down a dream, good for you. Go about your business. Either mode of getting your fingers on a keyboard or your paintbrush to an easel or your rear into a gym is valid. Your plans are valid. Good luck!

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