Starting fresh

New year, new novel, new doc.

No new computer though.

Last August, I decided I needed a break from Malarkey.   

I spent September and October plotting what I was convinced would be my NaNo novel, but it turned out to be too complex – for me – to write for NaNo. I’m sure plenty of people write stories that are more involved, but that’s just not my M. O. I need things that are light and easy, or I trip myself up in the details.

So I plotted, and planned, and world built, and researched. And now that NaNo is over, and I’m recovered, and we’ve launched some fun new features here on the blog, I’m ready to actually start writing Revelry. It’s an NA modern day monarchy set on an island in the North Atlantic. It’s based loosely on Viking history and Norse mythology.

And I’m so freaking excited to write it.

I’m not big on resolutions – I talked about why here – but I’m a big fan of goal setting. I tend to set many – too many – goals every year, but this year, I’m only setting one.

By January 1st, 2019, I want to have Revelry ready for submissions.  I’m loosely planning on three months for writing and nine months for revisions.

I’ll keep you posted.



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