Too many hobbies…

I write.

Obviously. (Please tell me someone else said that in Snape’s voice.)

I also antique. And I refinish furniture. And I make jewelry. And tea towels. And can coolers. And headbands. And bookmarks. And keychains. You guys get the theme. I sell things on commission in a brick and mortar shop near my house called Upcycles by Lori D.  Because I ‘make’ too much stuff to keep it all or even to give it away.

I like to be busy. I like to have my hands occupied. If I’m not writing, I want to be creating in some other way. So of course I needed to add something else to the list. Because I have free time. And I don’t need all four hours of sleep I get every night.

Today I bought a soldering gun. And copper tape. And flux. And soldering wire. (Have I mentioned I also adore making lists?)

See, for years – YEARS! – I’ve been collecting a stash of broken china and depression glass and art glass and sea glass and shiny rocks. Just waiting for the perfect use for all of it. Today I decided I need to learn to solder so I can turn it into jewelry. And probably bookmarks. And keychains…

I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


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