A Tale of Two Solderers…

Okay friends. I told you all my tale of not needing another hobby. Well, Karma tried to pay me back, for saying I didn’t need another hobby, by not allowing me to have another hobby.

The first soldering iron I bought turned out to be a big hunk of junk. It turns out, in soldering irons, you definitely get what you pay for. On my first pass, the tip completely oxidized, making it useless. I adjusted the temperature of the iron, thinking it was user error, tried a second tip, and it oxidized immediately too.

I Googled, tried all the tips on Pinterest, and finally found a reddit thread dedicated to jewelry soldering for newbs and it detailed my exact problem – my soldering iron. A cheap iron with cheap tips that don’t hold up to the temps of soft soldering.

So I filed for a return and searched for a new iron. I’ll let you know how it goes with the new one.

In the meantime, I’ve decided that the soldering iron is a metaphor for my writing. After Nano, I cleaned up my draft of The Chosen One, and then lost interest, like I always do after NaNo. So I picked up the first ‘old’ WIP I found. A NA/UF novel I started ages ago. I still love the story, and I’ll get around to it someday, but after struggling with it for a few weeks, I realized it’s not the right fit for me now.

Like the soldering iron – it would have worked fine for electronics, but not for jewelry. I grabbed the first one I found, instead of looking for the right one.

Instead of working on Darkling, I’m starting work on a fluffy, funny NA contemporary about a woman who flies to Hawaii to try to find the man who fathered her and ends up in bed with the first person who tries to help her.


I’ll let you know – about the soldering iron and the new WIP.


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