No sun and stuff make something something

Here in Minnesota we’ve had a lot of snow days lately. This has (evidently) been the snowiest February on record. And as I sit here looking out my window? It’s still snowing. I gotta be honest, I’m pretty over it right now. There has been at least one day of school cancelled each week this month.

I think.

I’m not sure.

All I know is there was a week recently where they cancelled school four days in a row and I just sort of lost it.

Listen, when you live in this part of the world, there’s a certain amount of weather bullshit that you have to expect. And yes, while we expect it, that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to complain. People here literally reminisce about large snowstorms of their youth. It’s weird.

(I’m not from here… I try not to judge.)

What was I saying?

Oh yeah.

I’m super over this. There is no amount of indoor mental stimulation to combat this level of cabin fever. I have some strong agoraphobic tendencies, and this is too much for even me. I just want to sit outside for like an hour. And not freeze. Can we do that?

I want to hang out in my yard, with my dogs, and get stressed as hell about how behind I am on yard work.



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