WIPs and Favorite Genres

I’m starting a new WIP. I decided it was time – after a hiatus to edit an old Urban Fantasy, and a December spent on cleaning up my NaNo – to go back to my roots and write some fluffy new adult. It’s what I do best. I’ve got a heroine on a mission, and a hero who knows all the right people.

And I’m loving the story. I have missed fluff. I have missed the lovely, floaty prose. I’ve missed the happy. I like writing characters who can believably make the worst possible choice – who lack the life experience to see what’s right in front of them.

I think there’s merit in trying new genres and subgenres, and writing whatever makes you happy, but there’s something comforting about knowing your niche and not worrying about the rules because they are so deeply ingrained on your psyche that they are a part of you.

This new book may not push my boundaries, but it definitely reinforces my passion for writing.

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  1. Rebecca DiFabbio says:

    Happy writing! I am about to start editing my first novel ever this week. It is very exciting! Best of luck you you!


    1. Sarah Bella says:

      Hi Rebecca! Editing is my favorite part! Good luck to you! Keep in touch and let us know how it goes! ♥SB

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      1. Rebecca DiFabbio says:

        I certainly will!


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