Caribbean Brews

In January, the hubs and I went on a work related vendor trip. It’s an annual trip and this year we went on an eight-day cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas. We hit St. Kitts, St. Thomas and Nassau. The cruise was fun, but my favorite part of the trip was trying the local beers.

Our first stop was St. Kitts, where we had Stag and Carib. Both a brewed locally at Carib Brewery St. Kitts.  Both are better than the average American Adjust Lager. I preferred the Stag, overall. Slightly better flavor, a little smoother. Overall, a better beer. Also, better than the Presidente that was my only option in Punta Cana last year.

We drank them under the canopy of a tiny little bar called the Shiggity Shack. The scenery may have influenced my enjoyment. 😉

In St. Thomas, I got an Island Hoppin’ IPA and the hubs got a Pale Tourist, both from St. John’s Brewers,  so I could try both. We walked through all the little shops in downtown sipping beers. I preferred the IPA – no surprise there. Had the lovely citrusy zing of the cascade hops, but only 53 IBU so smooth, easy drinking. The Pale Tourist was good, but a little less flavor overall and very little hoppy bite.

Then we hopped a taxi to Magan’s Bay beach and grabbed two seats barside, facing the ocean. First I ordered a Reef Life by Leatherback Brewing. Probably my favorite beer I had the entire cruise. Lovely notes from the Citra and Mosaic hops. Easy drinking at 6.5% abv. I tried an Island Summer from St. John’s Brewers, but it was a little lackluster and I went back to the Reef Life.

In the Bahamas, the beach we were on had zero beers, so I drank rum punch all day. Delicious, but disappointing. Back on the boat, I drank Dos Equis and Heineken and missed my Reef Life. If you ever find yourself in the islands, track down a Reef Life. It’s worth it.



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