Finding the Silver Lining

One of the things I learned early in my writing journey is to avoid going crazy, to stave off paranoia, you have to find the silver lining. It’s a matter of changing your perspective and digging deeper than the surface.

Below you’ll find six of the most helpful things I’ve learned in my decade of writing for publication.

  1. Every author hears 189 ‘no’s before they hear a ‘yes’ (I made up that statistic). This means that every ‘no’ gets you closer to your ‘yes’.
  2. In all the feedback you get, look for the constructive bits – the things you can use to make the story better and to help you improve as a writer. If you are frequently getting the same or similar feedback, follow through.
  3. ‘Words on the page’ is better than ‘words in your head’, even if the words are terrible. Every word gets you closer to a finished product.
  4. Goals aren’t set in stone. If you don’t reach one, take a step back and figure out why.  Reevaluate your goals and adjust if it makes sense. This will help you learn what a realistic goal looks like for you.
  5. Success is not defined by your word count – or, it doesn’t have to be unless you want it to. This is something I struggle with still. You get to define what success means to you.
  6. One editor/agent/publisher’s ‘no’ may be another editor/agent/publisher’s ‘yes’. Opinions are subjective. If the first person says no, take a look at the feedback (if any), and then send it off to the next on your list.  Person number two may love the story regardless of the feedback you got from person one. This ties in with number one and number two.

How about you, Reader? what tips and tricks have kept you sane in your journey?



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