I Would Like to Win a Hugo, Please

I would like to win a Hugo, please.

I mean, what are awards anyway? Who cares about the recognition of your peers or accolades? None of that really matters. There are tons of really amazing books out there which have never won an award.  We all know that’s true.

But man, one day? I’d love to win me a Hugo. And it’s good to have goals! Right? Probably?

Some of my favorites are up this year and I’m so very excited about it!

Trail of Lighting by Rebecca Roanhorse, is freaking amazing. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and put it in your TBR pile. Yes, even if that means your literal or metaphorical pile collapses under the weight of your creativity consumption aspirations. Worth it. I’m super biased in that the book hits me right where I live.

Binti: The Night Masquerade by Nnedi Okorafor is another favorite of mine. I’ve been following along with the Binti series the last few years and it’s just so delightful. Laurel and I went to see her speak when she was in town a while back and I was a super fan mess the whole time.

Other people I love are nominated like Bogi Takács, Ursula K Le Guin, Meg Frank, Jeannette Ng, and Fiona Staples. So many amazing people that I could go down a semi crazed rabbit hole espousing their varied, and mesmerizing virtues.

But there’s that other thing. The one we’re all thinking about.

All the authors on AO3 are now officially, Hugo nominees.

You magnificent bastards.

I know there’s a lot of things that go into the nomination and award process, and even more considerations when actual winners are decided, but I kind of don’t care right now? I think it’s freaking awesome that all the people who poured so much effort into things that make them happy, get to have this.

Fanfic is important. It has helped so many people I know. Whether it was relaxing for them to read, rewarding for them to have other people read their work, the security of community, or just being able to shout into the void your most ridiculous fan theories and have someone say that’s exactly what they thought too. There’s power in letting your freak flag fly, and have someone else come bask in its glory. Consensually, of course.

And I’m so jealous of you.

Holy crap cakes.

All you Hugo nominated pixies better put that shit on your CV. I absolutely would.

Don’t let anyone tell you this isn’t a big deal. It absolutely is. Go forth like Chuck Tingle and put that on everything you do until the end of time. An emphatic, sincere, congratulations to you all.

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