Forwent the Internet


I haven’t seen Endgame yet! Omg. NO SPOILERS. I see spoilers everywhere; they don’t even know they’re spoilers. And so, I have been avoiding the internet. The plan began with avoiding social media; nerdy friends can’t be trusted to contain their glee. Then CNN had to get chatty about the movie because I guess our country isn’t falling apart and our government isn’t goosestepping into totalarism, and the god of chaos asteroid isn’t hurtling towards us. So, no news site. No writers’ blogs because they’re sharing their opinions on Endgame. No lit centers, no Etsy.

Avoiding the internet, avoiding TV, avoiding radio. All radio. I had switched from my usual station to a mom rock station (Linda Ronstadt is a queen), and even they started yammering “So, I saw Endgame over the weekend..” Switch to CD. Yeah, I have an old car and like a.m. gold.

I could seize this return to pre-1993 living. Read all the books! Write all the stories! Draw all the art! Paint all the doo-dads! I have been, but not nearly as much as I should be. The internet, she is a siren and her song, her spoilery song is so lovely.

My writing and internet habits are intertwined, and I can’t decide if it is what is or if it’s something to work on re-training myself. Need a name for a minor character? To Nameberry! Need to know what a minor official in the Ottoman Empire was called? To Wikipedia! How was cauliflower served in Victorian England? To Probably boiled dot com!

We’ve all heard the lectures and laments about internet rabbit holes. I have dallied in far too many myself. But, when I’m in a writing groove, I’m pretty good about Googling what I need and getting out. And I’m really bad at letting “I don’t know the fact for this throwaway line of dialogue, and that’s going to stop me cold.”

So, I don’t know. I don’t know. My process is my process, and I’m just going to stay out of its way.

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