Show Me Monday

Welcome to Show Me Monday, Library Edition.

I know not everyone has space for an actual library, but I feel like it’s safe to say that everyone reading this has a hoard of books stashed somewhere in their space.

At my old house, I had two shelves crammed between two doors in my bedroom-that-was-actually-a-living-room because my old house had really tiny bedrooms and I have a king sized bed.

In the new house, there’s an oddly shaped space at the top of our stairs. It’s not big enough for anyone to do much in the space, but there’s room for shelves and chairs, so it became my library. I bought a few new shelves and the books started to come out of the woodwork – almost literally.         Aside from the first shelf on the left, my books are stored alphabetically, by author’s last name.  That first shelf, though? The one that’s piled two rows deep? That’s my TBR shelf. Shelves. The second, smaller, one is the ‘A’s and ‘B’s.

This set has C-Q. And I don’t have any Q, so really it’s P.  See the gap on the left hand shelf? Two rows down? My niece borrowed most of Sarah MacLean’s books.

   This little one is meant to be a TV stand, but it matched the others and fit under the window. Plant space and Rowling – Ward.

       Last we have the comfy chairs and kitten because he’s adorable.

So lovelies, I showed you mine, wanna show me yours? 😉





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