Rejuvenated And It Feels So Good

Went to Booklover’s Convention (#BLC19) with Sarah Bella a couple of weeks ago. Went into the trip totally exhausted, like zero sleep for 36 hours beforehand. Just trying to get shit handled before leaving for a week.

Is that a thing for everyone? Doing way more work before and after a trip to keep everything from starting on fire during the week? Still packing as the luggage is being loaded into the car. Shoulders cracking from the let up of stress throughout Day Two of the Trip.

But wow, so worth it. The magic of being surrounded by other writers, other book junkies, other industry folks, those four days lavish on enough inspiration to keep me typing happily at coffee shops all year long.

Also, shamefully, middle-classily, just spending a few days at a hotel where I don’t need to clean the tub or figure out what’s for dinner, where I get to swim and sun instead of go to work, sets my tired soul right too. Cocktails. Champagne, fruited water, and a button in the elevator that said “Starbucks” = me living my best hydration life.

Time to dawdle over writing, there’s so much luxury in that, and it’s a luxury very few of us indulge in. Production! Word count! Deadlines! It’s fun to play around with new ideas, to consider a different genre, to ponder doing a series or add a few lines to the Poem That No One Will Ever See.

Even though there wasn’t a lot of representation for the genres I write in, I had good conversations with other writers, and learned a lot of character building. My word count these last few weeks since returning is equal to my word count for all of March and April. Here’s to a wordy May!

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