Working Through It

I’ve been having the worst time getting into the novel I’m trying to finish. It’s that soggy middle bit so it’s hard, and it’s summer so I want to play with my kids, and go DO stuff! You know, pretty much anything other than focus on the work. I’m still in love with the story and I’m committed to finishing it, but my focus has wandered dramatically.

So I think I’m going to do some really short fiction writing for a few themed anthologies I’ve found. I have a strange thing where I work well under pressure. Most of the time. I came across a few anthologies on Twitter and thought to myself… Sure, why not.

I tell this story all the time, so buckle in if you’ve heard it. Back in art school, I had an instructor once tell me to just move a pencil across the page. It didn’t have to be anything, just engage your body in the act of drawing. Sometimes when the body starts, the mind will follow.

I’m hoping that the short pieces do something of the same. If I write a few stories around the 2-5k mark, it might help me get through the next 30-50 feral hogs – wait, I mean – the next 30k words to finish my current novel.

What helps you keep working?


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