Back to school…

I’m hoping that means back to routine for me.

Like most children, I function better with a routine, but somehow, even after decades of practice being an adult, I am incapable of creating a routine for myself without an outside influence – like school.

Getting out of bed in the morning is hopeless, if I’m not properly motivated. During the summer months, there isn’t much that will properly motivate me out of bed. September through May, though, I’ve got to get the kids up and out the door to school, so up and out of bed I go.

My school year schedule usually leaves me with two four-hour windows that are my time. That almost always means creative time – whether writing or making. Now that routine is here again, I’m changing up the focus of my goals, restructuring a little bit to account for better focus.

In the summer months, I try to eek out time. All of my goals are by the minute. ‘If I can grab ten minutes of writing time on Monday morning…’, but during school, I have the time built into my schedule. The goals become more about accomplishing during those minutes, rather than finding them.

Current projects: Shenanigans; editing again/still. I’m not even sure which. NaNo 2019; world building, character development and plotting.  I generally try to only work on one project at a time, but for now, I’m working on whichever piques my interest when I’m free.

My next several posts will be NaNo prep themed, so if that’s your jam, hit the ‘follow’ button below.


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