Refilling the Creative Well

Last post, I raved about reading outside of preferred genres boosts creativity. Today, I’m going talk beloved medias. These are the stories, songs, movies, pieces of artwork that are 100% you. Like, the creator decided to tailor everything exactly to you, exclude stuff you don’t and managed to tell the work in a way that felt surprising and fresh and exactly what you love most from stories.

Rare, beautiful birds those creative works. One novel in twenty, one movie every other year, an album you downloaded for one song that turned out to be the only music played in the car all summer. I love finding pieces like that.

Not only do I get the JOY of a new favorite, a new fallback book or go-to album, but beloved media tends to inspire me in ways nothing else can. It opens me up to new ideas and angles, it makes me want to play too. I remember why I write and what’s possible.
In a way, it’s similar to reading outside your genre, those instead of being different, it’s above and beyond. Triggering the same “oh, stories can be told this way. A torn fingernail can be the most tragic thing ever. Here’s a bunch of the same old words used in exciting and clever ways!”

Most of all, really beloved media connects me to the world. Granted, it’s one sided and tenuous but for a few weeks, I feel chin-deep in the creative world. This causes productivity rushes unequaled except for on Nov 29th with 10,000 worlds left to write on the NaNo project.

Writing begets writing. Creativity spurs more creativity. Enchantment spreads a little pixie dust on the everyday and puts a twinkle on stuff that’s been right there along.
It’s no coincidence that my fallow periods tend to co-exist with dry runs on media consumption. I’m always reading, but some books are more of a joy than others. They can be awful or they can be just fine, but they are not beloved and they do not inspire

I think it’s the play aspect. Beloved media inspires wandering deeper into that particular fictional world. it double-dog dares you to be as brave, bold or brassy with world choice. It turns structure into Legos, and its up to you to figure out – though play—how that damn thing manages to stand strong. Or maybe that its particular beauty comes from the way it leans.

Beloved media intertwines in wonderful ways with our imaginations. They become fixtures on our creative paths, little points of light that guide us on. And given how lost, I usually feel at the mid-point of any story I’m writing, I will eagerly reach for touchstones other authors have made for me.

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