Week One…

Week one of NaNoWriMo is coming to a close and folks, I am not doing well. I mean, mentally and physically I’m fine, but on word count, well, not so much. Or really, hardly at all.

I was optimistic. I had plans. But November started and those plans went directly out the window. The kids are loud, the dog is needy, it’s busy season at work. Dishes, laundry, etc, etc, etc. All really good excuses, right?


I have those all twelve months of the year. But, I’m still tracking. I know exactly how far behind I am, and I have a plan to catch up. JumpStart weekend starts tomorrow and I’m planning on 20k over the next four days. That will get me caught up and ahead. I’ll be ahead of my own modified word count goals, which is the point. Get as many words in as I can, when I can, so that when I can’t, it doesn’t ruin the month.

Ultimately, this is what NaNo is about for me. The goal setting, the dedication, the habit building. It’s not about writing quality words, it’s about writing words, even when you’re afraid they aren’t good. Even when you don’t have time. Even when excuses. After all, you can’t edit, what you haven’t written yet.

So tell me, my NaNo Pretties. How’s your NaNo?


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