Things I Should Be Doing and What I’m Doing Instead

I’m a social media failboat. The only one I’m any good at is Facebook. Which is the least cool, least trend-riding site, baring MySpace. Facebook works for me, the format and the ease. It’s just too bad Facebook doesn’t do it for most other people.

Twitter, I can’t get right. Frustrating because I like to think I do pithy snark and screaming about our Federal government pretty well. But, most of my posts are shouts into the void. Instagram, I don’t update enough. For all my skill at reporting all the odds things in the world on Facebook, I haven’t yet trained myself to take a picture of said odd things and post ‘em to Instagram.

Same with Pinterest. Can’t upload what I haven’t photographed. And while I’ll happily re-pin Winter Soldier still until end times, the majority of feed is clogged with Jesus quotes. So I neither upload or spend much time on that site.

The rest, ugh. I can’t even keep up with the four I’ve made accounts for and I’m still mourning over Live Journal. Yeah, I admitted to that. More failboating.

The thing is, every convention, conference, workshop and craft class yells and screams about social media presence. I can’t decide if it’s good advice or merely teachable advice. Like in this day and age, social media should be already established for most creatives. Like, maybe a side account that’s just the author page or art page or whatever is necessary, but really people are already aware of the connectivity social media brings.
Even if they’re aren’t maximizing social medias efforts, as I am also not maximizing. I make too much content for the least IT site, Facebook. And I don’t put enough work into the more valuable sites. That’s gotta change. But not right now 😊

What am I doing instead? Most days, fucking around. But also, I’m going the slow, old fashioned route. I’m improving my writing—no better content than a really good story. I’m making friends at conventions—yes, it terrifies my introvert self, and yes it’s been worth every minute of that terror. These are the people who will be with me whether or not I ever make a success out of writing. These are the people who bring me joy and contentment NOW.

My Facebook skills and adeptness didn’t come overnight, and I’m hoping that keeping at the other sites, be it in drips and drabs or perhaps getting a bug up my ass over the whole thing one, will produce the same results. Until then, I’ll enjoy my Facebook likes and playing DnD on Discord with my convention friends

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