NaNo. Still.

Okay, readers. Remember when I talked about my plan to stay on par for word count? How I try to write a little extra every day? This has not been my month. I’ve hit par on fewer days than I’ve missed it, and I haven’t had many where I went much over par. I wasn’t as productive over JumpStart, so my anticipated lead wasn’t as big as, well, anticipated.

BUT! But. This weekend was the first of the days I knew I wouldn’t get to write at all and I still managed to write a few hundred words. I’ve actually managed to write every single day this November, which isn’t something I usually do. And, though I fell behind over the weekend, I did write every day, and I’ve made good strides so far this week, so I’m already catching up. Which, you know, ultimately is the goal. I’ve set aside time on Friday to (hopefully) write double par for the day. My story is wandering everywhere, but that’s NaNo.

Next week I’ll get minimal words on Thursday, likely nothing Friday and nothing Saturday. So not only do I need to catch up, I need to get ahead. And in all reality, I need to finish early, if at all possible.

How about you, reader? Are you on par? Ahead? Are you rebelling with a non-wordcount goal?

Here’s to words!


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