10 Terrible Titles

The best part of NaNoWriMo!

How to Play: Randomly pull 10 phrases from your #NaNo draft. List your terrible, out of context titles.

1. Sticks of Jewels Served Like Kabobs
2. Kicked by a Thousand Donkeys
3. The Clarity You Need
4. Against Trembling Skin
5. Father Adores Him Too Much
6. A Tongue That Never Tires
7. Lush Skin and Blooming Goosebumps
8. Another Valley Girl Joke
9. Arms Laden With Onions
10. Outside of the Chorus

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sarah Bella says:

    1. Wander the apartment
    2. Dinner and beers
    3. The tiny corner shop
    4. I’m a dog person
    5. The back room
    6. When’s the wedding?
    7. A massive crashing noise
    8. The last thing I need is something happening to my rental
    9. Short trek up the stairs
    10. Who doesn’t have a middle name?


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