Post NaNo

Every year, I seem to fall into a post-nano stupor. I used up all my ‘braining’ in November. I have no good words, or pithy comments. No epics turns of phrase. Here’s the thing though. The pace of NaNo is such that the good words are far and few between, the pithy comments are things like, ‘insert pithy comment here later’. There is no turning of epic phrases.

So why is December such a mess for me? After ten years, I think ultimately, what it comes down to for me is simply the sheep brain power required to write 50000 words in thirty days. Even if they’re 50000 mediocre words, it’s mentally exhausting. It used to really upset me – it felt like December was a waste. The quality of my writing every December is lower than in November. I used to try to force it – ‘just keep writing, it’ll come’. And it did. Usually in January.

Eventually, I realized that my brain really needs a break from the hectic pace of November and writing doesn’t give it that break, even if I change projects. For the last several years, I’ve spent December on edits, usually on a project other than my NaNo novel. It’s a break in two different ways, this way – different project and different type of work. Then I’m able to start the new year with a fresh mindset – and that always means better projects in the long run.

So, lovelies, what tricks have you learned for a NaNo reset?



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