The Chin and the Crown Are Slipping


Years ago, I spied the to-do list of a nemesis. Among their numerous tasks were “brush teeth a.m.” and “brush teeth p.m.” Reader, I snatched that idea.

And during weeks like this one– it’s neg 10F, it gets dark at 4:30, 2016’s dumpster fire burns as rancid as ever. A bunch of creative and not-so creative endeavors crashed. I am sad. And I’m lacking the spoons, the resources, the guts, and the gumption to tackle anything—brush teeth a.m. and p.m. are the only things saving me.

Self-care, sure. It’s not just for low periods. But also, it’s something that needs to get done, that I can do anytime with their a.m. and p.m time frames, it’s good for me, and it’s something I can cross off the list. So at worst, the day isn’t a total loss and at best, I might try for another task on the list.

Now, when other people say they’re too down or overwhelmed to attempt any task BELIEVE THEM. When it’s yourself… believe IN yourself. When you can’t deal with the real world or your own little creative world, give yourself the gift of tasks of something you tend to do when down. Comfort-binge Captain America movies, listen to Panic at the Disco on repeat, eat peanut butter out the jar, snuggle with your pet or pillow. The day won’t be a loss, and it will be one less thing to feel guilty over when you re-surface.

And if this thing that works for me doesn’t work for you. You tried which deserves mad props, and now you know you don’t have to push yourself to do this thing during the next bout of low.

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