Do good. Recklessly.

I think most of us have seen the ‘Do good recklessly’ meme by now. I Googled, to find out where it started, you know, give credit and all that. Do good recklessly memes and posts and towels and shirts and stickers abound. I had no idea.

Before I knew it was a thing, this was how I lived my life. How I do live my life. I give. I do. Whether the need is money, or time, or a delivery of groceries; a kind word, a ‘pay it forward’ in the Starbucks line. To see that so many others do the same is entirely amazing.

This world we live in is so full of anger and remorse, and hurt and regret, and sadness. Somehow, all the ‘doing good’ gets left out of the news. The world isn’t any scarier than it used to be – we’re simply more aware of all the scary things. And somehow, we’re no more aware of the good things.

How does this apply to writing and why is it on the Tickled Ink blog?  Books are good things. Authors need kindness too.

  1. Leave a review, even just a rating. Anywhere and everywhere you can.
  2. Pre-order their next book. Preorders help boost rankings on release day, which improves visibility, which leads to more sales…
  3. Share their blog or social media. Every new follower is a potential sale.
  4. Join their Facebook (or whatever) Fan group. More followers means better rankings.

So, I encourage you all to give. Your money, your time, your reviews, whatever it is that you have to spare. Whatever your gift. Give yourself. Little acts of kindness are just as important a giant ones. Make a difference for someone. Change the world, one reckless act of good at a time.


Here’s to a kinder, more reckless 2020.

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