For many, starting a new year means reevaluating goals. I’ve talked over and over again about why I don’t like resolutions, and why I do like goals, so I’m not going to go into all that now. A lot of my goals carry over from year to year, or I expand on them the following year.  Sometimes, I realize that a goal from the past year makes no sense at all, or carries me in the opposite direction I want to go.

I usually take a few weeks at the end of December and a few weeks at the beginning of January to reevaluate and figure out what I need to do. For this year, I needed to simplify and condense – and finish a goal from last year.

2020 Goals:

*Continue editing Shenanigans, following through with the changes I started making before NaNo last year. Submiting Shenanigans in 2020 is my ultimate goal for this year. This is the one I’m continuing from last year. I wanted to submit it in 2019, but then I learned more and I got some feedback and ultimately, I found what was a fatal flaw in the book. That meant it wasn’t ready for submission when I wanted it to be.

*Focus on the craft of writing, rather than the quantity of words or projects this year. I want to take at least 1 class – online or classroom – outside of cons this year. This year is about learning and growing, not about selling.

*Find a new writing con to attend. BLC isn’t going to work for us for a variety of reasons. I love having an annual con, so I need to find a new one for this year.

So, dear reader – what are your 2020 goals?


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