Self Challenge

Still January. Still snowing. Still in the doldrums creatively-wise. My usual kickstarters: reading a ton, taking a craft class (right now it’s CTRWA Critical Lens Content -taught by LaQuette) re-watching Captain America: the Winter Soldier (Cap and Sam have the sweetest meet-cute in cinematic history), aren’t buoying me through.

My first impulse is to watch CA:TWS yet again. Need to be sure it’s not helping, right? But, perhaps these particular doldrums require something new. I need something enchanting. For some reason, when I’m enchanted by a story or an idea or a genre, my muse becomes a taskmaster. If I’m excited about another author’s story; I’m triply re-enchanted by mine.

And, right now, I really, really want to be enchanted by my stuff. I love the feeling of plowing through a story, coming up with cool, unexpected shenanigans and watching my characters commit hijinks. I miss have revelations—omg, the poison was in the grapes! Writing well makes me strut when I leave the coffee shop. Lately I’ve been shuffling.

I tell myself shuffling is the best way to move in a icy, slippery MN winter. Shuffling allows me to be present so that when something enchanting comes along, I’ll be there ready to grab it with both hands. Shuffling allows me to read and learn and watch movies in which Sebastian Stan appears shirtless. Stuff that I can re-tool and re-use as a hammer when my creativity is red-hot again.

I’m also attempting a 10-day challenge, during which I’m limiting my writing to two projects others are waiting on. In the past, I’ve been afraid to allow myself long rests from writing. It’s super easy (for me) to let one or two non-writing days becomes week of not writing. Your mileage gets to vary; we all rest and recuperate differently.
But, I trying it for a set time. Just to see what happens. I’m challenging myself with re-filling my creative well. Read 10 books in 10 days. See two new-to-me movies. Make at least one craft per day— tactical sensory work, ftw.
If it doesn’t boost my writing, then, at least, I will have read 10 books.

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