With the entire world shut down for months on end, you’d think we’d all have more time on our hands, right? Plenty of time to catch up on old projects. To clean. To create. To recoup.

I don’t know about you, but I have taken on so much catching up, and cleaning, and homeschooling that there’s no time left for creating and recouping. And beyond that, I think this constant media stream of Covid-19, and brutality, and racism and hate makes it feel as though the world has gone straight to Hell in the proverbial hand basket – which only make the ‘create’ and ‘recoup’ less likely.

So, other than too much media, what have I done during quarantine, if not create and recoup? I trimmed out a chalk board in my office, put up chair rail in my middle daughter’s bedroom, rebuilt my vegetable beds, installed cabinets in the garage, paneled the ceiling in the library, put up a bulletin board wall in my oldest’s bedroom, so much weeding and yard work…

But I’ve also been reevaluating. You know, overanalyzing, the way we anxiety ridden introverts like to do. And of course, I’m over analyzing myself, because there is no more production option. Reader, I think I’m burned out on noveling. I’ve decided that I’m taking a step back from noveling to focus on short stories. Of course, it could be just another method of procrastinating this novel I’ve been writing for seven years. Who knows.

I guess maybe I will, in a few weeks.



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