Meet the Inkers

Alex Cohen – Alex lives just outside Minneapolis, MN with an entire gaggle of dependents. Alex is a lover of nature, with an insatiable curiosity about the natural (and unnatural) worlds. Very active in animal rescue, Alex is that friend who’s always asking you if you need a new dog or cat.

Sarah Bella – Sarah hails from a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere Minnesota with her husband, 3 feral children and a Great Dane named Griffin who she sometimes likes more than her children. She loves interior design, DIY, tattoos and craft beer.

Laurel Volk – Laurel writes X-rated historicals, R-rated rom coms, and PG-13 blog posts. When she’s not ripping off the MPAA for the sake of a social media bio, Laurel wastes the time she should be writing by reading mysteries on her front porch and not caring about the water rings her sangria pitcher is leaving on the side table.