Art Harder, Mother Fucker

One of my favorite things that I’ve learned since I started writing is this: ‘Art Harder, Mother Fucker’. In which I am the mother fucker, and I need to art harder. It’s been so long since we adopted it that I only partially know where the advice came from – Chuck Wendig’s Terrbile Minds blog….

Post NaNo

Every year, I seem to fall into a post-nano stupor. I used up all my ‘braining’ in November. I have no good words, or pithy comments. No epics turns of phrase. Here’s the thing though. The pace of NaNo is such that the good words are far and few between, the pithy comments are things…

Small Victories Friday

I am editing Shenanigans for probably the seventh or eighth ( and hopefully final) time – and I don’t mean seven or eight drafts. I edit in ‘batches’, so I’ll edit two or three ‘drafts’ of the same book each time I edit. Then I need a break from the book. All of this in…


          According to drudg·er·y /ˈdrəj(ə)rē/ noun hard menial or dull work. “domestic drudgery” Synonyms:  hard work, menial work, donkey work, toil, toiling, labor, hard/sweated labor, chores, plodding That’s the way these edits feel. They feel like beating a dead horse. I know the changes are necessary, the book will be better for them and I’m growing as a…

Finding the Silver Lining

One of the things I learned early in my writing journey is to avoid going crazy, to stave off paranoia, you have to find the silver lining. It’s a matter of changing your perspective and digging deeper than the surface. Below you’ll find six of the most helpful things I’ve learned in my decade of…

The Muddles

It’s the muddles of December. December has been gentler to me this year, than in years past. Usually, I spend most of December a puddle of goo which has been drained of both vocabulary and tears by a ruthless November. This year, I finished NaNo two days early. That hasn’t happened for me in years….

No Conflict in ‘Malarkey’

Follow up to my last post. The lack of conflict in ‘Malarkey’. I decided that to make the novel work, my character, Iris, needs to have an apartment she’s trying to rent fall through at the last minute and she needs to lose her deposit, etc because of it. Then, it was time for research….