Writing Prompt Wednesdays!

Posted in reverse chronological order – newest at the top. Pick a word and work it in – or use it to spark flash fiction, or a new scene, chapter or novel!

For Prompt-Ober, we’re doing something new! We’ll have two prompts per night, both geared at character development for your NaNoWriMo 2019 novel.

Don’t forget to check out Verbalize, by Damon Suede.

October 30, 2019


First Set:

1. make a list of your characters’ habits– good and bad– and how they support or derail their happiness, and how the habits might evolve throughout the story.

2. which habit best shows their void (what they are missing in life)?

Second set:

1. identify credible yet contradictory tactics for your MC to employ that spring from nuances in their main verb.

2. list any double meanings or hidden history of your MC’s main verb that can be played for extra drama within the story.

3. assemble a list of tactics your MC can use when faced with unexpected situations that arise from the double meanings of your MC’s main verb.

October 23, 2019

First set

Fill in the blanks.

Because of [past event] I can never satisfy [bottomless need] which constantly messes with my actions/efforts for [chronic, concrete problem]


Second set

Fill in the blanks

My [persistent problem] keeps me trapped in a cycle of [negative tendencies] that [harmful verb] all my attempts to accomplish my goals


October 16. 2019

Prompt October 16-19

First set:

Describe an as yet unattained physical object that is meaningful to your character’s happiness.

How is that object valued and interpreted by other characters in the story?

Charge the item with 2 or more meanings.


Second set:

Make a list of things your MC might do throughout the book to achieve happiness inspired by and in spite of their circumstances.

Make a list of your characters’ habits– good and bad– and how they support or derail their happiness, and how the habits might evolve throughout the story.

Which habit best shows their internal void (what’s missing in their life)?



October 9, 2019

First set:

What is your MCs…

Major goal– the crucial outcome for the character’s future

Major motivation– the unstoppable force in the character’s past.

Major Conflict– the immovable obstacle in the character’s present.

Second set:

Identify your character’s central void and how it impeded their happiness.

What does your MC feel would fulfil them and ease their pain?

Choose active verbs that will help your character overcome their ongoing predicament and match those verbs to clear actions and scenes

List credible solutions for your MC to address their persistent trouble


October 2, 2019

The Prompts.

First set:

Take a favorite fictional character you know well and make a list of everything about them that seems meaningful and central to their behavior and experience within the story.

Using that list, draw connections between those character details and significant moments in the story.

Second set:

Your NanoWrimo Project Main Character(s):

List 5 adjectives that describe your MC

List 5 concrete nouns that describe your MC

List 5 verbs that activate the nouns listed above.

These prompts were taken from or inspired by Damon Suede‘s Verbalize. You don’t have to have read Verbalize beforehand, but it’s an awesome book on writing crafting, and I highly recommend a read. ~Laurel